Automate & Optimize

Achieve new levels of route optimization with reduced planning efforts and the avoidance of manual tasks.  Conveniently manage your workforce, create appointments, schedule jobs and achieve your KPIs through automated best choice selections.

Highly automated route planning

Tickets are dispatched automatically based on your preset rules and capacity, like the preference of own technicians over partner technicians or allowing high priority tickets at the expense of low priority tickets.

The tool plans all incoming tickets automatically based on all available constraints and priorities. These constraints can be configured on an individual targets or needs basis.

This includes allowing overtime or SLA breaches as well as settings softening territory boundaries. Preventive cases can be planned automatically in combination with an intervention.

Route optimization

Improve route planning capabilities by adjusting your preferences and target.

Events like traffic, skills and availability can easily be managed. Minimizing travel time and fuel cost as well as favoring same site engineers or assigning the most qualified technician for the intervention, can lead to significant cost improvements and customer satisfaction.

Optimize manually planned routes based on mileage, worktime or SLA compliance. Increase utilization and schedule optimization by favoring idle resources and minimizing the usage of overtime hours.


Monitor technician route details and inform your customers automatically to increase transparency, performance ratings and satisfaction.

The technicians’ location is submitted automatically and can be used for route updates and route information as well as arrival information.

Automated updates can be sent to customers by email or SMS, so the estimated time of arrival can be communicated in real time through a live link to the tracking tool. GPS tracking is disabled as soon as the intervention is completed.

Automated ticket routing

Avoid manual interferences through an automated ticket process flow with prioritized distribution based on predefined rules and settings like urgency or any other parameters chosen.

Fully utilize the capacity and capability of your service network through automated forwarding. Tickets are validated automatically based on zip code, phone number, etc. to ensure all information is compliant with your setting and requirements and are immediately ready for dispatch through automated ticket routing.

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