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If you profit, we profit – our focus is to transform our customers’ field service experience into a cost reducing journey by offering a revolutionary on-demand software with a fair $2 pay-per-event model.

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Pay 2 dollars per intervention

Clear & simple –
2 $ for each intervention

We established a pricing model that translates our customers’ volume of work into actual cost - our customers pay per event and never for a subscription. By detaching costs from license agreements and user limitations we ensure that our customers only pay when they use our software and service their clients.

Pay 2 dollars per intervention

How does it work?

The main difference between a subscription and our unique pay-per-event model is simplicity. 

The cost associated with our software is independent of the amount of users within your organization. It is simply based on the amount of interventions you handle. This eliminates the calculations on how many people in your network should receive access as there are no costs involved per userit's a flat fee of 2 $ per intervention.

This is particularly important for fluctuations or seasons with fewer interventions. Periods with less work orders in your organization will lead to less cost, as you will have fewer interventions. Less cost = more flexibility!

Subscription model

With a subscription solution companies enrol in a monthly ‘per user’ payment model regardless of the number of events processed.

Example subscription model:

Number of users: 100
Cost per user: $ 55,00
Average number of events per month: 1.400 

Final monthly cost:

(number of users x cost per user)
$ 5.500 


With an on demand pay-per-event model companies pay for their actual usage based on the number of events.

Example pay-per-event model:

Number of users: 100
Cost per event: $ 2,00
Average number of events per month: 1.400 

Final monthly cost:

(number of events x cost per event)
$ 2.800 

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